Idris Elba Is One Step Closer To Becoming The First Black James Bond

James Bond
Photo taken from People

Could Idris Elba really become the next James Bond? Well, that’s kind of like asking Dr. Dre if Detox is still coming out. We really don’t know. A recent Independent story reports that James Bond director Antoine Fuqua and the franchise’s producer, Barbara Broccoli, says “the door’s open” once the current 007, Daniel Craig, finishes his tour of duty as Bond. According to Fuqua, Broccoli stated during a meeting that, “it is time,” for a non-white actor to man the role.

Fuqua’s reps, however, deny such a conversation was ever had and they don’t know where the misinformation stemmed from.

Whatever the truth is, it’s time that the world’s most popular spy franchise diversifies. It’s time to make room for new faces in Hollywood.

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