Harlem Woman Becomes Episcopal Church’s First Female Korean-American Priest

When she first started attending All Angels’, an Episcopal church on the Upper West Side with her husband a decade ago, Christine Lee, who grew up in an Asian-American church, wasn’t particularly fond of worshiping there.  Now she will become the first female Korean-American priest via this particular church.  Though the demographic info isn’t really kept on any official documents, this information seems to be pretty true.  This is also seen as a big step because many Korean Christians are very conservative in their approach so having a female priest is quite a progressive step.  Lee is also one of few Asians at the church as it is a very diverse congregation, so it’s a very notable accomplishment.  Check out her quote below and read her story here.

“Everywhere else in the city, even in a diverse city like New York, people are separated from each other by race and class.”

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