Gangnam Style – O’Reilly’s Racist, Confused Analysis

Bill O’Reilly do your research, and if you’re going to bring in an expert, psychiatrist, etc to speak on something tell them to do their research as well.  We broke down the meaning behind the song, but that’s because we did our research.  And for two people to get on the news and discredit a song’s popularity by saying it’s because he’s not saying anything is in our opinion, racist and ignorant.  So because he’s not singing the song in English the words are meaningless? Oh ok.  Check out this video Cenk Uygur did in response to this occurrence.

“Bill O’Reilly is really befuddled by the popularity of “Gangnam Style” — so befuddled that he brought controversial Fox News psychiatrist Keith Ablow on for an existential discussion about the viral sensation on Tuesday.

The mega-hit by Korean pop star Psy recently became the most-watched video in the history of Youtube. O’Reilly, however, just wasn’t having it.

On Tuesday night, he hosted Ablow — who is known for saying that Chaz Bono on “Dancing With the Stars” could make children reconsider their gender and and that Newt Gingrich’s infidelity would make him a better president — to explain “the madness.”*

Cenk Uygur breaks down Bill O’Reilly and Keith Ablow’s hilariously out-of-touch response to Psy’s Gangnam Style and its popularity. Did you know words in languages you don’t speak still have meaning??? O’Reilly does not. – The Young Turks | Cenk Uygur

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