Frank The Butcher ‘The Butcher’s Block’ Ep 5: DJ Clark Kent & Hawaii Mike [VIDEO]

At first glance you might think why would you interview these two together but their knowledge of music and it’s evolution because of the digital age [among other things] has kept them relevant.  Check out their perspective on a few topics.

Frank the Butcher is back with another episode of “The Butcher’s Block,” this time connecting with DJ Clark Kent and Hawaii Mike. Over the course of the interview, we get Hawaii Mike’s opinions on about the “currency of information” and how (when in capable hands) the Internet has changed the face of publishing including Source Magazine. Then the interview turns to DJ Clark Kent to get his insider’s look at “the moment” — described as the incredible dynamic and spark of creativity between The Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z while the duo was recording “Brooklyn’s Finest” back in June of 1996. – via Hypebeast

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