Flo Rida’s “Can’t Believe It” Illustrates Changing Perceptions of Beauty and the Rise of the Booty

A few months ago, we posted this piece, an investigation of the rise of the booty and what American men’s new found fascination for women well-endowed in the behind department says about the changeability of society’s perception of beauty. Since then we’ve seen more and more evidence to suggest that America’s perception of what makes a woman beautiful is being influenced by its increasing diversity. First we had this video from Major Lazer, which found three white girls discovering the joys of booty shaking, and now we have a new piece from Flo Rida and Pitbull – an ode to that surest sign of increasing diversity, the white booty.

Both video’s are evidence of the same trend: the increasing popularity of a more full-bodied look, best characterized by the bootylicious action illustrated in each video. Perhaps not coincidentally, “Can’t Believe It” has inspired ire from Diplo, who has taken to Twitter to accuse Flo Rida of “ripping off my video” and has threatened to “toilet paper the trees in front of flo-rida mansion.” Check out the video and decide for yourself whether the similarity is a product of the big booty fad or straight up theft.

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