Eritrea – A Nation in Isolation [TRAILER]

Many rappers are said to not have any idea about global issues, other rappers are said to not have any knowledge of their cultural backgrounds. Especially gangster rappers.  We don’t agree with that, we believe it’s mainstream American media looking to paint the younger generation as a collection of apathetic youth that are only concerned with their immediate surroundings.  So it really got our attention when upcoming gangster rapper Nipsey Hussle tweeted a link to a YouTube to the country he and his family descended from, Eritrea.  The YouTube link is a trailer for a documentary on the country that talks about the growth of that nation in spite of the sanctions placed on it by the United States.  For a gangster rapper to use his platform to bring attention to foreign relations between his place of heritage and his place of residence is pretty interesting.  Most people would most likely associate Nipsey with videos like this rather than the one below.  As we embrace the power of diversity, we must keep in mind that this also can mean that certain types of people can have many diverse interests that make them who they are.

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  1. Eritrea is no Somalia … Somaliland is def an interesting place from what I hear … Eritrea could make for a nice place to stage hip-hop without much cultural attuning … that’s all I will say… for now. Salaam.

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