Drew Barrymore and Eric Ripert Cook Clams Montecito | On The Table Ep. 9 Full [VIDEO]

The On the Table series with Eric Ripert is back and this time he’s preparing a meal with Drew Barrymore. She makes her signature dish Clams Montecito and Ripert adds his own unique twist to her meal. The two also talk about how different glasses affect the flavor of wine while trying some Pinot Grigio by Drew’s Barrymore Wines. Take a look at the clip after the jump.

Actress, Producer and Director Drew Barrymore visits Eric Ripert’s kitchen to prepare her favorite, Clams Montecito, and to pick up some tips from the Master Chef. They experiment with the way that different glasses affect the flavor of wine, a Pinot Grigio from Drew’s Barrymore Wines, and Ripert adds his own special touch to her signature recipe.Reserve Channel

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