Dominican Republic Dominates World Baseball Classic

We never start the day off with sports news so let’s switch it up a bit and do that. Some huge news in baseball is the Dominican Republic not only winning the World Baseball Classic, but going through the competition without a loss. They are the first team to do such. They also outscored their competition 36-14 overall. With the attention the Dominican Republic has received as far as being a place that produces much of the MLB’s talent, it’s not a surprise that they won but Japan was the team to beat seeing they had won the previous two competitions. Hit the jump to see some quotes after the country’s win last night.

The losing team’s comments on the Dominican Republic championship baseball team:

“DR has huge talent,” Puerto Rico manager Edwin Rodriguez said. “Other teams also had great talent and stars from the major leagues but the DR has a passion, desire, the drive to really show this kind of amazing performance, and they did accomplish it.”


How much talent the Dominican Republic produces to the professional leagues:

Manager Tony Pena clutched the trophy tightly as he talked about what winning the WBC meant to the island nation of 10 million that produces more major-league players per capita than any country.


How did they accomplish this feat:

“I just want to wave my country’s flag high in the air,” said Rodney, who pitches for the Tampa Bay Rays. “We proved we are the best baseball country in the world.”

When asked how such a small country reached such a lofty status, Rodney smiled.

“Because we eat lots of plantains,” he said. “Dominicans eat more plantains than people from any other country.”


USA Today has more here with photos and video

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