‘Directors Guild of America’ Demands Improvement in TV Diversity

According to the Directors Guild of America (DGA)’s most recent diversity reports, a staggering 69% of primetime TV show episodes, were directed by white men. Within the last year not much has changed in other groups either, only 16% of episodes were directed by women, and only 18% were directed by minorities.

For now, there are 11 TV series that lead the pack in diverse directing. These 11 series have used female or minority directors in more than 50% of their episodes in the last two years. Unfortunately this trend is outnumbered by many other shows that choose to remain the same. 27 out of 277 television series surveyed used NO female OR ethnic minorities as directors at all in the last year. In fact, five of those series have had no female or minority directors in the last two years. Read more here.

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