Child Fighter with AK 47 on Syria Border [VIDEO]

Recently an image of a young boy walking the streets of Syria with a real AK-47 received plenty of attention.  Today CNN ran a story talking to the young boy and his family.  We’ve heard of child soldiers before yet the imagery for most people in the United States never gets old.  Not necessarily something we have become desensitized to, at least in the mainstream.  Though he looked like a hardened killer you can see in the clip that he is quite a gentle young man.  The bigger issue is not him but more so how certain circumstances like this have made it that the children are ready to fight out of the necessity to survive and/or protect their families.  A more interesting angle on this is that this is the explanation of many youth living in poverty and underprivileged communities yet these people are looked at as animals where in a war in far off country these people are looked at as victims.  Not to undermine the struggle for families there but is there a difference between the two scenarios?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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