Chefs Feed 2.0 Launches Today: Food App for Geeks That Like to Eat

According to LA Weekly: “Chefs Feed aims to do much the same thing as our Where the Chefs Eat posts aspire to — that is, let the food professionals guide you to the places they love to eat. It also aims to act as an alternative to Yelp and other ratings sites — here, you can follow a chef you trust rather than the anonymous masses. The app points you in the direction of specific dishes rather than just send you to a restaurant, and allows you to search by dish and location. Hungry for a sandwich in Hollywood? Theoretically, the app should help you find a few that different chefs recommend.”

For us it just seems interesting that you can see what these chefs are into.  Many of today’s popular chefs are from diverse backgrounds and have influenced various traditional foods with fusions from others.  With these culinary tastemakers it will be interesting to see where they think some of the best places to get food are as well as what types of food are commonly searched for via the app depending on the location of the user.  Would you be interested in this app?  Read the article for more details as well as download the app at the link below.

[Full Article | App Download]

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