Thabo Sefolosha Cleared Of All Charges In New York Arrest

Thabo Sefolosha looked on as his team was swept by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2015 Eastern Conference Finals. Sefolosha should have been on the court to help his team but he was in a suit on the sidelines due to a broken leg. This wouldn’t be news if it wasn’t the manner in which the injury occurred, the 6’7 Small Forward was involved in a confrontation with NYPD in April in which officers wrestled Sefolosha to the ground. He was charged with obstructing governmental administration and disorderly conduct but was found innocent on both counts.

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Lady Gaga feted as Billboard’s 2015 Woman of the Year

Billboard has teamed up with female-focused cable network Lifetime to televise its annual Women in Music event, with Lady Gaga being feted as 2015’s Woman of the Year. This partnership will bring the event to a mass audience for the first time ever, increasing visibility and highlighting the tremendous impact women are making in today’s male-dominated music industry.
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Marvel Gives Native American Hero His Own Series

Marvel seems to be giving this whole diversity thing a shot. It’s newest move: Giving Red Wolf, the Native American hero, his own comic book series!

On the heels of their Asian-American Hulk announcement last week, Marvel’s first and primary Native American character is getting his own book starting in December. He’ll live in the American Southwest and battle local criminal elements.

The move is part of Marvel’s “All-new, all-different” reset, which is taking place later this year and will see the relaunch of many popular heroes.

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‘Chinese Grossness’ to America’s ‘Hottest Food Trend’

Earlier this week, The Washington Post posted a great article about ethnic foods and how they are portrayed in American culture that really resonated with me. Journalist Ruth Tam wrote about her experiences of growing up and feeling embarrassed eating and introducing her white friends to Chinese food.

This brought me back to the days I would bring dumplings for lunch and other kids would make comments about the smell, which made me feel like I needed to hide my culture and become more “Americanized.”

The article also mentioned how Asian cuisine is becoming the newest “foodie trend,” popping up in trendy, upscale restaurants and hipster gastropubs. In some cases, this shift has been heartening. But in too many others, the trend has reduced staples of our culture to fleeting fetishes. I can only hope that this is a positive change where others can not only experience and appreciate new foods, but also the culture behind it.

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Report Finds Wide Diversity Gap in Hollywood

According to “Inequality in 700 Popular Films,” a study that looks at gender, race, ethnicity and what one of the report’s researchers, Stacy L. Smith, describes as an “epidemic” when it comes to lack of diversity. The report was produced by the Media, Diversity & Social Change Initiative at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.

From 2007 through 2014, women made up only 30.2 percent of all speaking or named characters in the 100 top-grossing fictional films released in the United States. Also, 73.1 percent of all the speaking or named characters in the top 100 movies were white.

The “Inequality” report comes at a time of increasing criticism about the industry’s on-screen and off-screen practices, giving further empirical support to what has become a steady stream of righteous complaint.

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What does the phrase “diverse workforce” mean to you? This phrase can have various definitions among different people, and this difference in meanings has become very clear between the public and the top tech companies in today’s society.

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Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox Finally Meet

Over the weekend, Caitlyn Jenner finally got to meet OITNB actress and supporter Laverne Cox. They met Sunday evening at the I Am Cait screening in West Hollywood. The show is an eight-part docu-series that will follow Caitlyn’s transition and life as a transgender woman.

Many other famous transgender friends came out to support Caitlyn on her big night.

I am Cait premieres July 26 at 8pm ET on E!

#WeAreAllHeroes – Diversity in Geek Culture

This past Saturday, Cashmere Agency hosted a panel on diversity in geekdom and fanboy culture at San Diego Comic-Con 2015. With a star-studded cast of panelists consisting of Tyler James Williams, Katrina Law, Ryan Coogler, Murs, Jaime Broadnax and Kellvin Chavez, this panel was easily one of the most relevant and exciting panels to grace Comic-Con 2015. Touching on the topics of geek culture how it is constantly evolving, the insightful speakers were able to shed light on each of their own experiences and opinions on minorities in geek culture.