J Balvin and Nicky Jam on Conquering the Music World

J Balvin and Nicky Jam have single handily changed reggaeton music, from what was once dismissed as a fad to the biggest music on the globe. Nicky Jam’s rise to fame was not easy, he struggled with alcohol and drug abuse in his early life and a difficult childhood in Puerto Rico. But his early struggles is what keeps him motivated and on the right track to a clean and sober life. He is now one of the biggest names in reggaeton music and has paved the way for other artist to continue in his footsteps.

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YouTube Raises Flags With New Restrictions Appearing To Target LGBTQ Content

Recently, mega platform YouTube has been a topic for star content creators and fans alike. What have they been talking about? Well, YouTube recently unveiled a contoversial new privacy setting that allows the site to sort content creators posts based on if they contain “potentiallly objectable content.” Again, what is “potentiallly objectable content?” you ask, well this is where the controversy comes in.

Complaints, have come from major stars like GiGi Gorgeous (2.5M followers on YouTube), Tyler Oakley (7.5M followers on Youtube), Teagan ad Sara (238K followers on YouTube) and more. They have spoken out on their YouTube channels and social channels highlighting the issues of videos being screened off their subscribers feeds that have to do with LGBTQ content.

In the midst of the negative response, YouTube released a statment admitting their fault and acknowledging that they are aware of the inconsistancies with the filtering mechanism and its ability to properly disipher content and understand the context of select video content.

From where we are standing this certainly looks like a tool that uses a “family friendly” facade to filter out the voices of those talking about issues in the LGBTQ community.

GiGi Gorgeous used her massive following as a platform and released a video shaming YouTube for their LGBTQ discrimination. Gorgeous educated her community on the importance of LGBTQ equality, “At the end of the day, stories are what educate. Someone’s coming out video is what a 10,11,12 year old might need to see. That video might be the ultimate tipping point for them in their transition in their gender identity, in them becoming the best version of themselves that they can be.”

Do you think YouTube has gone to far? Are they targeting LGBTQ channels specifically? Or is this just the next step in safety filters for the platform. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


The L Festival Brought Together the Biggest Names in Latin Music

The two day L Festival took place in Pico Rivera, CA this past weekend and hosted the biggest names in Latin music. This included Marco Antonio Solis, Alejando Fernandez, Daddy Yankee, Juanes, J Balvin, Los Tigres Del Norte, Jesse & Joy, Banda El Recodo, Luis Fonsi, La Septama Banda and The Jenni Rivera Hologram. The event was packed by fans of all ages who enjoyed the two stages and weekend filled fun. Juanes and Alejandro Fernandez were the headliners for night one and brought down the night with their biggest hits.

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Nike Gets Inclusive With the ‘Pro Hijab’

In a time of great diversity, inclusion has never been stronger. Nike is one of the largest and most recognizable brands in the world, and has been on a big push for equality “Inspiration and Innovation for Every Athlete of the World”. Most recently Nike unveiled their equality campaign that features some of the biggest athlete of our time and supports all athletes no matter where they come from.

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Get ready for “Get Out”

Jordan Peele is set to make his directorial debut with his horror film “Get Out” starring Daniel Kaluuya. In this film, which he also wrote and produced, Jordan Peele takes a bold move to address race with a horror twist. In his fearless manner, Peele sets up a story with an African-American man who’s meeting his white girlfriend’s parents for the first time, but she has not told them he’s black. The film proceeds to take a horror twist, as the main character encounters other African-American people who work at his girlfriend’s parents estate and seem a little off.

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A Day Without Immigrants

As the persecution of immigrants continues in our nation, “A Day Without Immigrants”, has quickly risen to popularity and encourages all to support migrants in these testing times. The protest calls for immigrants, whether naturalized citizens or undocumented, to stay home from work or school, close their businesses and not spend any money, as a way to protest the Trump administration’s stance on immigrants. The purpose is to show the economic power of immigrants in our nation and how we should support them and not push them way.

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African-American Women Behind the Space Race

February is Black History Month, and was first officially recognized by President Gerald Ford in 1976, only 41 years ago. The purpose of Black History Month is to recognize black achievements and celebrate trailblazer who overcame major obstacles. The United States still lives under a very dark history because of slavery and the slave trade. On paper, America stood for freedom. But that freedom was denied to black America. White America, lived in a privileged world that denied human rights to others who look different.

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Inauguration Day: Now What?

Today history is made with the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States. It’s the historic moment many were not hoping for and many Americans still oppose the new President. As we continue to move forward, it has never been more important to get involved and fight for our values. Like our California Senator Kamala Harris said in her election night speech “We must not despair. We must not be overwhelmed or throw up our hands. It is time to roll up our sleeves and fight for who we are.” Read More →

What Does Diversity in Culture Mean?

As diversity in pop-culture and mainstream media continues to be a major issue, it is becoming more evident that it is needed more than ever. More and more top companies are being pressured to diversify both inside and out, and show a true representation of the changing face of our nation.

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Pipeline Protesters Cheer in North Dakota

The United States Army Corps of Engineers has denied a permit that would be needed to complete the controversial oil pipeline under the Missouri River. For months, tension reached a boiling point between the US Government and thousands that protested the project. The fight is finally over!

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