Ryan Bunma, Pack Your Bags: You’re Going to Shanghai


Last February Ted Chung, founder of Stampede Management, Cashmere Agency, and MMXLII, went to Long Beach Polytechnic High School to offer its seniors the opportunity to compete for a weeklong, all-expenses-paid trip to Shanghai courtesy of the China Branding Group. “You’re Going to Shanghai,” the second installment of MMXLII’s “Pack Your Bags: The Global Experience Project” challenged students to create an anti-violence public service announcement that utilized entertainment and new media to spread its message. Today, we are excited to announce Ryan Bunma as the creator of the winning PSA, the winner of the seven-day trip to Shanghai, and our latest MMXLII correspondent.


Hearing Ryan talk about his South East Asian background, the tension between that background and the Western culture that surrounds him in Long Beach, and his thoughts on how this trip will help make sense of that tension, we’re very excited to have him join the MMXLII team. We’re looking forward to his insights and revelations as he makes his first trip to Asia. Check back during the coming weeks and months to watch Ryan as he packs his bags for Shanghai.


Photo from Loot Loot.

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