Nike Gets Inclusive With the ‘Pro Hijab’

In a time of great diversity, inclusion has never been stronger. Nike is one of the largest and most recognizable brands in the world, and has been on a big push for equality “Inspiration and Innovation for Every Athlete of the World”. Most recently Nike unveiled their equality campaign that features some of the biggest athlete of our time and supports all athletes no matter where they come from.

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African-American Women Behind the Space Race

February is Black History Month, and was first officially recognized by President Gerald Ford in 1976, only 41 years ago. The purpose of Black History Month is to recognize black achievements and celebrate trailblazer who overcame major obstacles. The United States still lives under a very dark history because of slavery and the slave trade. On paper, America stood for freedom. But that freedom was denied to black America. White America, lived in a privileged world that denied human rights to others who look different.

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Silicon Valley Steals A Page From The NFL’s Playbook

In its strive for a diversity, tech companies like Facebook and Pintrest are looking to adopt The Rooney Rule. Named after Dan Rooney, the chair of the Pittsburgh Steelers and head of a diversity committee that produced the directive, the rule requires NFL teams to interview at least one minority candidate for head coaching and general manager jobs. Only time will tell if this will help the lack of diversity in the tech world. Click here to read more.

Queer Dating App For Women Goes Nationwide

There are all types of dating apps nowadays, with Tinder being the biggest. As of March, it was estimated that 50 million people have signed up for the dating app according to CNBC. However, Tinder is aimed to serve mainly a heterosexual audience which left many in the LGBT community left out and feeling like nothing catered to them. Enter-Her.

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Is Apple Getting More Credit Than They Deserve?

For the first time since 2007, Apple had two women grace the stage at the WWDC a few days ago. Many have brought this to light but are we giving Apple’s step towards gender equality a little more credit than it deserves? Emily Peck shed some insight in this Huffington Post article.

Google’s Program To Increase Diversity

Google is brilliant about empowering their employees to work on promising side projects. Believe it or not, Gmail started out as a side project. Now they’ve started a program called Diversity Core which is aimed at bringing balance to its workforce. About 500 employees in 53 of their offices around the world have taken part in this program. Click here to read more.