Is NASCAR Ready for an Openly Gay Driver?

NASCAR driver Danica Patrick speculated on what might happen if one of her fellows were to come out as gay in a HuffPost Live interview this week.

Acknowledging that auto racing was “a very southern, Republican, Bible Belt kind of a sport,” Patrick nonetheless added, “It’s 2014, and with the way that we get our media and the amount of it, I feel like it’s becoming a little bit more acceptable.”

She went on to note, “The most important thing in life is that you’re honest with yourself … I’m sure everybody would be OK.”

Although no active NASCAR drivers are openly gay, driver Stephen Rhodes has spoken at length about wanting to make a comeback in recent months. Rhodes, who left NASCAR years ago to help his partner open a cafe, said he made no secret of his sexuality during his tenure and that while “everyone knew, everyone was aware,” he “never really had any confrontations,” according to Outsports.

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Meet the UFC’s First Million-Dollar Female Star

There are still many firsts to be accomplished by women in the male-dominated world of professional sports. This is especially true in the gruesome and controversial world of mixed martial arts (MMA).

Ronda Rousey is the first female Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) champ and highest paid female UFC fighter — a milestone in athletics and sponsorships for female MMA. It wasn’t too long ago that UFC President Dana White said women would never fight in the UFC. Dana is now eating his words as Ronda pulls in a new fan base to the most expensive ticket in sports — 40% of UFC tickets are now being bought by women. Bloomberg’s Rachel Crane reports.

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Are Black names weird? Or are you just racist?

A Reddit thread has ignited a new debate over unconventional black names. But white people do it too, writes Jamelle Bouie—and the double standard says something about racial inequality. Read all about it here.

GLAAD applauds TV for improving its portrayal of gays and lesbians.

Gay rights organization GLAAD on Friday gave high marks to ABC Family, Fox Broadcasting, ABC, NBC and CW for their inclusiveness and positive portrayal of gays, lesbians and transgender characters on television. See who didn’t score so high here.

Janet Yellen: The most powerful woman in US history.

With US president Barack Obama set to tap Federal Reserve vice chair Janet Yellen as the next chairman of the Fed later today, it’s worth noting that her ascension is more than a story about global economic policy making. With apologies to former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, Yellen is about to become the most powerful woman in US history. Read more here.

The Highest-Paid Male Model Made $40.5 Million Less Than Gisele.

According to Forbes, Sean O’Pry made only $1.5 million in 2013. Poor guy.

An old poster on cultural insensitivity in baseball goes viral.

Earlier this week, Cleveland’s CBS outlet ran a story about the poster you see above. “An American Indian organization has shed new light on the context of how offensive and racist sports team images like the Cleveland Indians and Washington Redskins is to their community,” the piece, which ran under the byline “CBS Cleveland/AP,” began. “The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) published a powerful poster featuring two baseball hats that each have a stereotypical racist image of a Jewish man and Chinese man to show it has the same connotation as the Cleveland Indians.” As seen on Slate.

Racial Diversity in Professional Sports

Racial Diversity in Professional Sports

by Jared.
Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.


Ever wondered what the racial breakdown of your favorite American sports league is? Thanks to the good folks at, now we know!.

The racial breakdown of players in the MLB, NFL and NBA (vs. overall US demographics). Many would argue that baseball is no longer “America’s Pastime”, but notice how the composition of the average major league team corresponds almost perfectly to their proportions in American society. It truly is the game that looks like America the most, the other major sports leagues do not even come close.

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Wat Misaka: The NBA’s (Japanese) Jackie Robinson

Today, the NBA is 76% Black, 3% Latino, and 1% Asian. It’s not exactly diverse, but numbers like those make it easy to forget that at one point in history professional basketball was 100% White. Anyone who cares anything about sports in this country, and plenty of people who don’t, know the name Jackie Robinson, the man who broke baseball’s color barrier when he was signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. Of course basketball, too, had its own Jackie Robinson, a man who paved the way for the 80% of minority players in the NBA today. Though his may not be a household name, his story is every bit as fascinating. If you haven’t heard of him before, now’s the time to learn about basketball’s Jackie Robinson, Mr. Wataru “Wat” Misaka.
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Jason Collins’ Has the Support of Bill Clinton, David Stern and More… [VIDEO]

The news of first post today is a huge headline and naturally it’s going to receive a reaction. Though it’s not quite any other NBA players making statements so far, some pretty large figures have already come forward in support of Jason Collins’ decision to come forward and declare his homosexuality to the public. These figures are former US President Bill Clinton and current NBA commissioner David Stern. See their words in the video. Read More

NBA Player Jason Collins Comes Forward as First Gay Professional Athlete

Over the last few months there have been conversations about professional athletes being gay and if it would be accepted in the sports world for one to come forward and admit being gay. Many organizations and players have come forward to support gay rights and LGBT support organizations, causing speculation that an athlete would finally come out. Many predicted it would happen sooner than later, and it looks like experts in sports journalism were correct. Southern California raised Jason Collins of the NBA has come forward which should allow those discussions of acceptance by athletes to take center stage. Jason Collins comes forward in the new issue of Sports Illustrated, you can read some of his story after the jump. Read More

Chinese Teen, 14 Year Old Tianlang Guan Impresses at Masters [VIDEO]

Some of the biggest sports news in the last 24 hours came from one of the smallest, youngest players in a professional game. 14 year old Tianlang Guan of China, an eighth-grader, who qualified for the Masters by winning the Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship in November, shot a 1-over 73 in his first official round at Augusta. Things like this are opening up the game of golf to more places around the world. Details after the jump. Read More

Race in American Sports and The Drop in Black Players in Major League Baseball [VIDEO]

With the opening of the Jackie Robinson biographical film “42” opening today we are reminded of the huge historical moment of integration in Major League Baseball. However in current day, MLB is seeing a drop in the amount of black players on teams. As the MLB is able to integrate more ethnicities from around the world why are they seeing a decline in their local minority talent. Harry Edwards, sports sociologist and sociology professor at UC Berkeley, joins Michael Shure inside “The War Room” to talk about this issue. Give us your thoughts on this situation. Read More