Looking At The YG x RVCA Collab

RVCA is one of the leading lifestyle clothing brands out in the market today. They specialize in board-sports with the beach, surfing, and skateboarding being a huge part of their identity.  In attempt to expand their niche and brand, they teamed up with Compton native, YG.

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Police Forces Lack Diversity Nationwide

USA TODAY reports find that many police forces across the United States lack diversity. The findings show that Black and Latinos are widely underrepresented in police departments across the nation.

St. Petersburg, Fla., Police Chief Anthony Halloway discusses the importance of diversity in law enforcement.

“You’ve got to have a diverse police department, so you can hear what’s coming from the community.”

With police forces killing people of color, specifically Black men, every 28 hours, it is important to question how diversifying police departments will play a role in stopping these injustices. Check out the stats here.

Major Tech Companies Keep Doors Open on MLK Day

Recently, leading tech companies have been critiqued for their lack of diversity in the work place, causing Intel to commit to spending $300 million to increase workforce diversity by 2020.  According to USA Today, Valleywag reported that major tech companies, such as Adobe, IBM, Qualcomm and Apple will not be giving employees the day off on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Does not observing Martin Luther King Jr. Day as an official holiday further show the lack of diversity efforts in the tech industry? Read more here.

An In-Depth Look At Diversity Within Cities

As many studies and reports look at diversity within cities, they often produce total numbers which don’t always tell the entire story. Pricenomics takes a look at diversity within cities and produces and interesting story with regards to how we see our cities. Chris Dickersin-Prokopp of Greater Great Washington then took that data and produced a really fascinating breakdown and revisits the way in which diversity is measured.

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How To Experience Foods From Around The World Without A Passport

It’s been said that Queens, NY is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world. With that comes authentic cuisine from around the globe. Travel Channel‘s Bizarre Foods, hosted by Andrew Zimmern, dedicated an episode to some of the more interesting dishes you may not be able to find at your local strip mall. If you want to experience food from countries without having to have a passport, take a trip to the borough of Queens.

Browns Receiver Andrew Hawkins Gives Best Response To Cleveland Police

In recent weeks we have written about the recent developments across the country concerning gun violence. Last week  we wrote about NBA players showing support for the victims of gun violence as they wore their ‘I Can’t Breathe’ for pregame warmups. This past weekend, Andrew Hawkins wore a shirt in support of Tamir Rice and John Crawford to which the Cleveland Police Department took offense, calling the shirt “pathetic.

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Fashion Magazine Covers Still Lack Racial Diversity

Forty four major print publications were analyzed and white models appeared on covers 567 times, while nonwhite models only made 119 appearances. Interesting to note that Vogue Japan displayed three models of color on this year’s covers. Only one of the magazine’s cover models was of Japanese descent, and Vogue Korea featured four nonwhite models out of its 13 total cover models. Click here to read more.

New Yorkers May Get Multiracial Option Soon

A measure before the City Council would allow residents to describe themselves as more than one race on official forms. The measure would change dozens of official documents, including applications for public housing, registration with the Department of Small Business Services and complaint forms with the city’s Commission on Human Rights. Click here to read more.