Pipeline Protesters Cheer in North Dakota

The United States Army Corps of Engineers has denied a permit that would be needed to complete the controversial oil pipeline under the Missouri River. For months, tension reached a boiling point between the US Government and thousands that protested the project. The fight is finally over!

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Kepler-452b aka Earth’s Older Cousin

Nasa’s Kepler telescope just discovered a collection of new distant planets, with one being very similar to Earth. Kepler-452b although larger than Earth, orbits a star similar to our Sun, yet the age of the star is about 1.5 billion years older than ours, which allows us the opportunity to study the potential future of our star-to-planet relationship.
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Earth’s Newest Selfie

Our planet Earth recently had its first picture day since 1972, and it didn’t disappoint.

The last time a photo of the sunlit side of the earth was released was in 1972 by the astronauts aboard the Apollo 17, and this photo is known as the Blue Marble. Now, scientists and the general public are able to marvel at the newest presentation of our planet thanks to NASA’s EPIC (Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera) which was launched back in February.

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Our Diverse Universe

Exciting news from the world of science and space exploration:

“After a decade-long journey chasing its target, ESA’s Rosetta has today become the first spacecraft to rendezvous with a comet, opening a new chapter in Solar System exploration.”

“Comets are considered to be primitive building blocks of the Solar System and may have helped to ‘seed’ Earth with water, perhaps even the ingredients for life. But many fundamental questions about these enigmatic objects remain, and through a comprehensive,in situstudy of the comet, Rosetta aims to unlock the secrets within.”

Rosetta Arrives at Comet Destination
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