Barack Obama Reemerges, Gives First Speech Since Presidency at University of Chicago

It’s been a grueling, and at times confusing 100 days for most of America after Barack Obama officially stepped out of office. General unhappiness and fear have replaced the sense of comfort that the 44th president brought to the country, yet he’s remained silent aside from the odd vacation picture. Not to say his time off was unwarranted, but it was a huge juxtaposition to the literal horror show that American politics have been in for the first months of Donald Trump’s presidency (still can’t believe we’re saying that).

Obama has finally reemerged, however, and this week he gave his first speech since he left office to the University of Chicago.

The former president was still as sharp as ever, dropping in his usual brand of dad jokes and engaging the audience with his specific brand of uplifting and inspiring commentary. He shied away from speaking on the issues that have befallen the country since he left, not wanting to take shots at Trump—even though he did bring up the immigration issue briefly. Other than the president doing his duty to enlighten the youth through telling them about his experiences, there are questions about what role (if any) he will play politically in galvanizing the still shell-shocked Democrats. He’s already being taken to task for reportedly taking money from Wall Street to give speeches, but his silence in regards to current events is telling if not a little worrying. We’ll just have to wait and see, but for now—I think we’re all glad that Obama is back in the public eye.

Making History: This Latina Is the First Undocumented Student to Earn a PhD

Mexican-born California native Gloria Montiel is breaking barriers and making history—literally. After becoming the first high school student from Santa Ana High School to attend Harvard in 2005, she has just made history in becoming the first undocumented student to earn a Phd from Claremont University.

Taking advantage of Barack Obama’s DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) initiative—which he enacted in 2012 to give undocumented students a chance to gain higher education, Gloria strived to prove her detractors wrong. Though the journey didn’t come without struggle. “I said, ‘I want to go to Harvard,” she recalled to Ed. Magazine adding that a former classmate in her freshman year of high school said: ‘Don’t you know Mexican girls don’t go to Harvard?” This heartbreak only drove her to pull off a “miracle.” Taking on babysitting jobs to cover the rest of her tuition, she did—graduating from Harvard’s Education Master program in 2011.

Montiel spent most of her post-grad life educating people like her who may not know that they have the same opportunities and rights to education as other students do—mentoring prospective students about the same lessons she learned. Gloria’s story is the same as many people like her in America, especially in the turbulent times we live in today. However, she remains hopeful and determined in showing those people that they have one thing left—hope. In an interview with Univision she said: “I hope my story gives people a little bit of hope at a time when people are living in fear. However, it’s also proof of what’s possible to achieve.” It looks like she’s on the right path, as usual, already. 

Pipeline Protesters Cheer in North Dakota

The United States Army Corps of Engineers has denied a permit that would be needed to complete the controversial oil pipeline under the Missouri River. For months, tension reached a boiling point between the US Government and thousands that protested the project. The fight is finally over!

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¿QUÉ BOLÁ CUBA? (What’s up, Cuba?)

In case you haven’t heard, President Barack Obama stepped foot on Cuban soil yesterday, making him the first sitting U.S. President to do so in 88 years. 88 years. This historic three-day visit to Cuba announced by Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro back in December 2014 marks the shift in diplomatic relations (from nonexistent to a questionable maybe).
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Political Issues Women REALLY Care About

Refinery29 and Fusion set out to discover what are the issues women voters really care about, and how are presidential candidates from both parties tackling them? They asked eight women across the political spectrum about the issues that matter most, and the candidates they feel they can trust.
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Watch The 2016 Iowa Brown & Black Democratic Presidential Forum

The first major political event in Iowa was held on Monday night as the three Democratic candidates debated prominent minority issues at the Brown & Black Forum on Fusion. Secretary Clinton, Governor O’Malley, and Senator Sanders talked Immigration, Education, Criminal Justice, Economic Development, Healthcare and more. The Brown & Black Forum is the oldest minority forum in the Nation with the first Forum taking place in 1984. Be sure to watch the full Forum below!

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Hillary Clinton’s Logo for the 60th Anniversary of Rosa Parks’ Arrest Sparks Controversy

For the 60th Anniversary of Rosa Parks’ noble stand for her rights, Hillary Clinton posted a logo meant to show respect for Rosa Parks and her act. Unfortunately for her, it did not go over well with the public.

“History often gets made on ordinary days by seemingly ordinary people– December 1, 1955 was one of them. Thank you, Rosa Parks. -H”

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Clinton Campaign Taps Burrell Communications

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has hired Burrell Communications, one of the first African American advertising and media firms founded in 1971, to help garner the African American vote by focusing on their concerns and issues. Burrell is owned by McGhee Williams Osse and Faye Ferguson who are both advertising and marketing veterans.
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Press Diversity in the 2016 Election

For decades, the political press scene has been an overwhelming majority comprised of white male individuals. Due to this, some U.S. news outlets have begun to take steps towards diversifying their political coverage. Even with the largely growing hispanic and asian populations in the United States,

the racial makeup of traditional media organizations has been stagnant

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Vladimir Putin Agrees to meet Elton John to Discuss ‘Gay Rights’

Sir Elton has said he wants to talk to Mr Putin about his “ridiculous” attitude to gay rights.

Russia has been under a lot of scrutiny over the last few years for its laws against homosexuality. Russian President Vladimir Putin has reached out to Sir Elton John and agreed to meet with him to discuss “any issues of interest.”
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