Inauguration Day: Now What?

Today history is made with the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States. It’s the historic moment many were not hoping for and many Americans still oppose the new President. As we continue to move forward, it has never been more important to get involved and fight for our values. Like our California Senator Kamala Harris said in her election night speech “We must not despair. We must not be overwhelmed or throw up our hands. It is time to roll up our sleeves and fight for who we are.” Read More →

“Yes we did.” – President Barack Obama

As we enter the final days of the Obama administration, the uncertainty and controversy over our President-elect only becomes more of a reality. The final speeches from President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are in the books.

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An Important Silver Lining to Highlight

While the results of the election have left many Americans in disbelief and questioning the values of our country, the election also produced several exciting new female senators who are breaking barriers and making history across our nation. Read More →

¿QUÉ BOLÁ CUBA? (What’s up, Cuba?)

In case you haven’t heard, President Barack Obama stepped foot on Cuban soil yesterday, making him the first sitting U.S. President to do so in 88 years. 88 years. This historic three-day visit to Cuba announced by Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro back in December 2014 marks the shift in diplomatic relations (from nonexistent to a questionable maybe).
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Why the Lack of Diversity in U.S. Prosecutors?

It has been reported that 95% of the elected prosecutors in the United States are white. Of the 2,437 prosecutors serving in the country, only 61 of them are African American. In fourteen of the fifty states there are no African-American prosecutors at all. Is it because prosecutors are seen as people who oppress others? Are law students more interested in becoming defense attorneys so that they can help their communities and fight injustice? Do you think more African American law students will pursue a career in prosecution after seeing the power that African-American state attorneys like Marilyn Mosby had in charging the six officers in the death of Freddie Gray? Click here to read more.

Would You Help Someone Who Offended You?

There has been a lot of attention in the news in regards to the Confederate Flag as of late. During a clash between those who are pro and against the Confederate Flag in Columbia, SC last Saturday, an image of an African American police officer assisting a man who appeared to be suffering from the sweltering heat was captured. The man in need of assistance was wearing a t-shirt bearing a swastika on the front of it and the image went viral. Would you help someone who openly offends you? Click here to read more.

Central Intelligence Agency Is Striving For Diversity

The CIA’s latest mission should be called “Operation Diversity.” “Diversity is critical to the success of CIA’s mission. We need a workforce as diverse as the world we cover,” said CIA Director John Brennan. “CIA has come a long way in broadening the demographic of its senior ranks, but we still have significant work to do.” Click here to read more.