Healthy Fast Food…Is It Possible?

Remember when we highlighted that Millennials don’t have McDonald’s as a top place to eat these days? And you’ve probably seen plenty of stories about the younger generation being more interested in organic foods, less red meat and vegan lifestyles. Millennials also like affordable food…so is it a coincidence that fast food chains are looking to “clean up” their image. The question is are they only cleaning up the image or is the food as healthy as they present it? Read More

Fast Foods Gone Global 3/3 [VIDEO]

Here is the last part of the “Fast Foods Gone Global” show that we’ve been highlighting here. In the final part of this show we see Hong Kong create upscale versions of places like Pizza Hut, KFC and more. McDonald’s in Hong Kong delivers and also lets people get married there. Watch the video to see this and the exclusive items on McDonald’s menus in Thailand. Read More

Brazilians Return to Culinary Roots [VIDEO]

When you think of Brazilian food we’re sure you have a few things that come to mind, but what if you found out that some of the things you thought were Brazilian really aren’t or that they were only the tip of the iceberg? With different influences because of immigration, consumers, etc certain foods weren’t always available but a new generation of chefs is looking to get back to the homegrown elements of their cultural food. Watch it now. Read More

What’s a Chinese Calzone + Where to Find Them via LA Weekly

It’s getting closer to lunch time, so food headlines seem to grab our attention much easier at this point. This particular headline stood out and we had to investigate. When you hear calzone you don’t think Chinese and when you hear Chinese you don’t think calzone. But obviously it exists. Details of how and where to find it after the jump. Read More