New Study Reveals Shocking Information Regarding Healthcare

A study was released earlier this month that detailed some fascinating data about healthcare with regards to race. The study was done over a nine-year period with over 3 million patients in Veterans Affairs. The long posited theory has been that if all races were given the same access to healthcare that they would generally be equally healthy. However, this study showed something different.
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How Did News Channels Cover 4/20 ?

The answer might surprise you. Because each time weed enters the news cycle, members of the media can’t help but giggle the whole time they’re reporting on it by making snack and couch lounging jokes. Perhaps finally media starts to get over the knee jerk juvenile reaction and focus more on the economic, health and criminal justice consequences of the legalization. Jon Stewart dedicated the opening segment of his show to this very issue.

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Komodo Serves Up Great Fusion Food

I found myself in an awkward place this past weekend- craving good tacos at 10:45am in a part of town I didn’t know. I quickly called a couple different friends who I knew would know just the spot. However, neither could muster a locale that met the location and time of day requirements. Why is it so difficult to find a decent taco midday in the oasis of good food that is Los Angeles? So I rolled up my sleeves and went to Google. Read More

Racism recognized as possible cause to PTSD

PTSD otherwise known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is more commonly diagnosed with war veterans (a third of troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are reporting symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression or traumatic brain injury). Now the Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders- which serves as a universal authority for the diagnosis of psychiatric disorders- is proposing in its fith edition some changes in the criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder. This could change how how race-based traumas are diagnosed in ethnic minorities. Before the release of the DSM-5, racism was recognized as a trauma that could potentially cause PTSD, but only in relation to a specific event.  The new criteria is based on some previous research that suggests that “chronic exposure to racial discrimination is analogous to the constant pressure soldiers face on the battlefield”. Here are a few pointers from

The National Survey of American Life (NSAL) found that African Americans show a prevalence rate of 9.1% for PTSD versus 6.8% in non-Hispanic Whites, indicating a notable mental health disparity (Himle et al., 2009).  Increased rates of PTSD have been found in other groups as well, including Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Pacific Islander Americans. and Southeast Asian refugees (Pole et al., 2008). Furthermore, PTSD may be more disabling for minorities; for example, African Americans with PTSD experience significantly more impairment at work and carrying out everyday activities (Himle, et al. 2009).

Much research has been conducted on the social, economic, and political effects of racism, but little research recognizes the psychological effects of racism on people of color (Carter, 2007).Chou, Asnaani, and Hofmann (2012) found that perceived racial discrimination was associated with increased mental disorders in African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans, suggesting that racism may in itself be a traumatic experience.

The planned changes to the DSM increase the potential for better recognition of race-based trauma, although more research will be needed to understand the mechanism by which this occurs. Additionally, current instruments should be expanded and a culturally competent model of PTSD must be developed to address how culture may differentially influence traumatic stress. In the meantime, clinicians should educate themselves about the impact of racism in lives of their ethnic minority clients, specifically the connection between racist events and trauma.

What Role Does Genetics Play in Lifespan? Ask USA TODAY [VIDEO]

As we look at many diverse cultures around the globe there are many attributes that can be associated to specific cultures, some positive, some negative. With that in mind, would specific genetics play a role in someone’s lifespan? Are some ethnicities/cultures prone to outlive others? As various cultures and ethnicities mix how could this be affected. Hit the jump to see science reporter Dan Vergano discuss the role genetics play in lifespan. Read More

Ticket to LA: Iñaki Aizpitarte via NOWNESS

Day 1: The Paris-based Chef du Jour Imports Some Cali Flavor Into His Kitchen: Grilled avocado and fresh citrus take center plate as culinary hotshot Iñaki Aizpitarte of must-visit Paris restaurant Le Chateaubriand preps for his first-ever trip to the Golden State by conjuring his own vision of Californian food culture. Ahead of Read More

Hospitals ‘Deport’ Sick, Undocumented Immigrants via USA Today [VIDEO]

We have highlighted plenty of immigration reform stories and touched on stories of reformed healthcare. These stories have never really overlapped before until now. Imagine having an accident in the United States and waking up in your ‘home country’. Hospitals trying to curb costs have chartered flights to send sick, uninsured, undocumented immigrants back to their home countries. It’s a process called medical repatriation, and critics say it amounts to unregulated deportation. Read More

Rabbit Head: A Spicy Specialty [VIDEO]

As always, we keep our eye out on things happening in China and that means not only business and technology but also the food. Besides, food is a big thing that bonds people together and helps them share in a culture. Check out this “colorful oddity” from China, spicy rabbit head. Read More

Drew Barrymore and Eric Ripert Cook Clams Montecito | On The Table Ep. 9 Full [VIDEO]

The On the Table series with Eric Ripert is back and this time he’s preparing a meal with Drew Barrymore. She makes her signature dish Clams Montecito and Ripert adds his own unique twist to her meal. The two also talk about how different glasses affect the flavor of wine while trying some Pinot Grigio by Drew’s Barrymore Wines. Take a look at the clip after the jump. Read More

Parts Unknown: Korean-American Food Stays True to its Roots [VIDEO]

Earlier you probably saw us tweet about the next episode of Anthony Bourdain’s show Parts Unknown where he will come to Los Angeles to see the meeting point of Asian, Mexican and Latino cultures. In this preview we see Bourdain with Roy Choi [of Kogi BBQ] as they eat at a Korean restaurant and discuss how Koreans weren’t a group that looked to change their food habits to appease Americans. Koreans let Americans come around to them. Read More