A Peek at Beyoncé and Her New H&M Swimwear Campaign

Awhile back we had a post explaining how Beyoncé had been picked as the face of the new swimwear campaign from Swedish brand H&M. Mrs. Carter is not only the face but is also rumored to be helping create the line. Just in time for the start to her tour, H&M has revealed a few more looks. Hit the jump to see a couple pics of Beyoncé. Read More

Taliban Target Young Graffiti Artist [VIDEO]

We’ve shown you the story of the young teen blogger that was attacked by the Taliban for her views, today we learn about a new female target of the Taliban. She is also being threatened for her messages, she just happens to be using a different medium, art. Watch her story. Read More

Christianity’s African Roots via Ebony

Just in time for Easter a story has surfaced illustrating Africans’ ties to Christianity that were apparent long before blacks were brought over as slaves and hip-hop artists were wearing white Jesus pieces. See what Ebony found out.

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The Questionable Use of Obscenity in Streetwear via HighSnobiety

If you’re into streetwear then you’ve probably clamored to get a shirt made popular by some obscenity emblazoned across it [or all over it]. If you’re not into streetwear then you’ve probably seen such a shirt and thought “what’s wrong with these kids”. HighSnobiety takes a closer look at the relationship of obscenities and streetwear as well as the streetwear culture. Read More

MOCAtv: Global Street Art Ep. 1 – Egypt: Cairo SprayCan Rebels | Art in the Streets [VIDEO]

Art has always been a medium that is an unspoken language globally, but in contemporary times street art has really became a bridge for people around the world identifying with similar struggles, ideals and more. Yesterday we showed you the brothers from Iran gaining notoriety for their street art. Today we found a clip about street artists in Egypt.

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