Boston Magazine Art Director Explains Cover [VIDEO]

An inspiring cover from Boston Magazine in wake of their recent tragedy. The cover takes shoes from various runners and places them in a heart shape with the quote “We Will Finish The Race”. The art director behind this concept joins CNN to explain her vision. You can also see the full cover and some of the inside pages after the jump. Read More

Wait, What? So They’re Saying All Koreans Do Look Alike Now…?

One of the most hated things a person can do is make a comment implying that people of a specific race, ethnicity or culture all look alike, it’s disgusting, racist and insensitive. However in maybe some sort of attempt to create a standard “perception of beauty”, plastic surgeons from South Korea have managed to make their models all look pretty much the same. Details after the break. Read More

JR Turns Times Square “Inside Out” [VIDEO]

Yesterday we showed you a trailer for the documentary on French artist JR and his Inside Out project. Today we came across a video from ANIMAL as they show you how you can get involved in JR’s mobile photo booth project called Inside Out new York. See the clip and get all the details of the project after the jump. Read More

New York Fashion: Bold on Burnside – Intersection via NY Times [VIDEO]

We have highlighted several discussions about Millennials and their influence both on and by the internet and social media. This story by the NY Times speaks to this as a young lady from the Bronx attending the High School of Fashion Industries discusses how she draws her fashion inspiration from entertainer Kanye West as well as Tumblr. Tumblr has become a popular social media platform for people that are into photography and fashion [as well as fashion photography], so it seems natural she could find inspiration there. See her style as well as some other young people from the Bronx and their unique looks after the jump. Read More

INSIDE OUT: The People’s Art Project [TRAILER]

We’ve been showing various art projects and content in relation to the French artist JR for some time now. And with each piece of content we see brief insights into his work and where his work has traveled. Now it looks like we’ll get a more concise look into these things and his mission through his artwork in this new film. Watch the trailer after the jump. Read More

UK Trend: Tattoos for Darker Nipples via Clutch Magazine

As we pay attention to the shift of demographics and how it affects the perception of beauty here along with fashion and other behaviors, it’s important to also note how beauty and image status are changing around the globe. Right now a new trend is happening in the UK where women are using tattoos to make their nipples darker. What is the purpose of this? Are certain women trying to take on a more exotic look too? When you think of darker nipples, women of the UK probably don’t come to mind. More details after the jump. Read More

Why Is Japanese-Made Fashion So Expensive? via Hypebeast

Japanese fashion has been a huge commodity for plenty over the years but as some consumers have become more interested in styling themselves with garments that provide more bang for their buck, high end items such as those from Japan have become questioned. Questioned as far as why is it so expensive and is it truly worth it. See what Hypebeast found out about Japanese-Made fashion. Read More

#NAILgasmTV: Nail Art and Business Talk w/Jewelry Designer Melody Ehsani [VIDEO]

If you noticed by coming to the site today, we’ve officially launched our MMXLII Marketplace and we’re happy to be carrying our friend Ayla Montgomery aka BRASS ‘s popular documentary NAILgasm. The documentary is an inside look at the rise of “Nail Art” and it’s impact on fashion around the world. Not only is it a cultural phenomenon that celebrities have jumped on but the trend has provided a new avenue for female entrepreneurship. In this excerpt, Brass sits with jewelry designer Melody Ehsani. Read More

DC Introduces First Transgender Character in Mainstream Comics via Wired

Since last year we’ve seen DC and Marvel Comics take some progressive steps in the world of comic books. From re-imagining some iconic superheroes as minorities as well as other superheroes being gay. DC Comics has a taken another step in representing a bit of everyone by introducing the first transgender character in the pages of the Batgirl series. Batwoman is already being portrayed as an open lesbian in that series. Read More

MMXLII Spotlight: First Changes Everything from New Era [VIDEO]

Just in time for today, the anniversary of Jackie Robinson starting at first base for the Brooklyn Dodgers, and being the first African-American to participate in the sport, New Era reveals this ad. It’s very cool to us because it shows a diverse range of people tipping their hat in acknowledgment of what Jackie Robinson stood for. Also it’s ironic that 2042 for us signifies a shift in America much how #42, Jackie Robinson,  represented a shift in America’s favorite past time. Not only in the landscape of the sport but the thinking of the United States. Watch the video after the jump. Read More