The Racial Diversity Struggle in the Gaming Industry

Game developers discuss race and racism in the gaming industry at IndieCade. “Being from New York I’ve had a lot of opportunities to be around a lot of diverse people, and then I started working in technology and I realized that I was the only black woman that was actually in a technical role which was kind of terrifying,” said indie developer Catt Small. Click here to read more.

ABC Gets An Early Win With Racial Diversity

The debut episodes of Black-ish and How To Get Away With Murder both garnered impressive viewship numbers. Black-ish pulled in 10.78 million viewers which was only slightly down from its lead-in, Modern Family which had 10.93 million viewers., and How To Get Away With Murder raked in a whopping 14 million viewers. Though it’s still too early to tell if viewers will remain loyal to both of these shows weekly, ABC is showing that diversity in their programming line up is working. Click here to read more.

The NFL Scores a “B” for Racial Diversity and Gender Hiring Practices

The NFL has been under the microscope over a number of incidents involving players’ conduct within the past several weeks and now the league is under scrutiny for their hiring practices. The NFL received an A for racial hiring but got a C- for gender hiring in the latest Racial and Gender Report Card released Wednesday by The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport (TIDES). Click here to read more.

Is The Accent Fake Or Cultural Assimilation?

There is no question that Australian-born Iggy Azalea has commercial appeal with a number of songs all over the radio airwaves. However, some critics have questioned why she has dropped her native Australian accent. Is she fakin’ the funk or is she assimilating to American/Hip-Hop culture. Click here to read more.

Here We Go Again…

Atlanta Hawks’ GM, Danny Ferry, is now dealing with the repercussions of racially charged comments he made about Luol Deng. As we move towards a multicultural society, how will racism evolve? Click here to read more about what Ferry said about Deng.

Have We Already Hit The Multicultural Tipping Point?

Although the U.S. Census Bureau reports that the U.S. is currently made up of roughly 17 percent Hispanic, 13 percent African-American, and 5 percent Asian, and almost 78 percent white, some feel that many of us are already multicultural by virtue of where we live and who we marry, among other things.

According to Guy Garcia, President of New Mainstream Initiatives at EthniFacts, “people can be multicultural by marriage, by interest, by family connections, or simply by embracing a diversity that is appealing to them.” He cites Eminem as a white American who has embraced African-American music and culture in his public life. “He is multicultural by attitude, by choice.”  Click here to read more.