Is The Accent Fake Or Cultural Assimilation?

There is no question that Australian-born Iggy Azalea has commercial appeal with a number of songs all over the radio airwaves. However, some critics have questioned why she has dropped her native Australian accent. Is she fakin’ the funk or is she assimilating to American/Hip-Hop culture. Click here to read more.

The Opposite of Road Rage – How Japanese Drivers Say Thank You

Communication with your fellow drivers can be a tricky thing. Giving someone a thumbs up in one country might mean “thank you, everything is cool” while in a another country this gesture might mean “stick it up your…” Well you get the idea.  The point being, it’s important to understand the nuances of non-verbal communication. So we thought it was interesting to take note of this unique way that Japanese drivers say “thank you” to one another.
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