Bringing Identity to the Forefront: What It Means to Be a Black Man in America [VIDEO]

We’ve had several posts about identifying and talking to people in the Asian and Latino demographics because of the diversity within their own respective groupings as a result of immigration and ethnic origin. This diversity leads to individual identity in society. Another form of immigration brought over what we label as the black/African-American demographic. Without getting too much into it, that “migration” has left a longstanding issue of African-American’s identity in the United States. As part of “The War Room” series “The March Goes On,” Michael Shure talks with Hank Willis Thomas and Bayete Ross Smith, two of the four creators of the video art installation project “Question Bridge: Black Males.” The project seeks to represent and redefine African American male identity in the U.S. by bringing to the forefront the full spectrum of what it means to be both black and male in America.

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