A Weekend Without Women

The idea that women are now the majority in obtaining college degrees in the U.S. is inspiring, yet deceptive at the same time. For as research shows, approximately only five percent of these degrees obtain CEO positions.

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Wealth Gap Among Races Widened Since Recession via NY Times

An interesting story that was brought to our attention by a tweet from Chuck D of Public Enemy. Much has been made about the economy especially with how the country recovers from the recession. The perception of things getting better seems to depend on who you ask and it seems to differ depending on the racial background. But why? Well according to the New York Times it looks to be because the wealth gap has widened among races since the recession. Read More

Bourdain Talks Drug Legalization [VIDEO]

In all of his endeavors Anthony Bourdain has come into contact with plenty of interesting people and engaged in some interesting conversations because he’s not one to bite his tongue or be politically correct. In his new show Parts Unknown, the newest episode finds Bourdain in Colombia. Of course he eats and we also showed the clip of him playing a local game that features explosives. In this clip he talks to a mayor in Colombia about how legalizing drugs in the United States would impact life in Colombia. Not your usual table side conversation right? Read More

Crowds Revel at Ga. High School’s First Integrated Prom via USA Today [VIDEO]

Remember Wilcox County in Georgia? You know, the place where they don’t do the whole integrated prom thing because of old traditions? Then this year some kids complained because the black girls wanted to enjoy their prom night with their white friends, and vice versa. Then the NAACP got involved but many in the county thought nothing would change. Well it looks like it did and we at MMXLII couldn’t be more happier for these children. See for yourself in the video after the jump. Read More

Blazing The Trail For Female Programmers via NPR

Over the past year we have highlighted many stories about the strides that women are making in various industries around the world. We also run a number of stories around technology, social media and more. In that field it seems that finding women are few and far between. Well in this story we see a woman who making her mark, Sarah Allen. She is the LONE female programmer on the team that developed Flash, the software that lets us stream so many videos we watch today. Hit the jump to hear more of her. Read More

Why We Must Remember Rohwer by George Takei

Many commonly look at George Takei as Mr. Sulu from Star Trek but if you look deeper he’s been an activist for Asian-Americans and other under-represented communities. Though more of the supporting cast in his Star Trek days, Takei has taken on a leading role in the things he’s involved himself in since his sci-fi adventure days. Case in point is this piece he wrote in the wake of the Boston Marathon tragedy and a recent visit to Arkansas. As he reminisces about he and his family being relocated at gunpoint for “looking like” the people involved in Pearl Harbor he asks us to be aware of how we view people in comparison to the terrorists that were revealed to the public recently. Read More

Jason Collins’ Has the Support of Bill Clinton, David Stern and More… [VIDEO]

The news of first post today is a huge headline and naturally it’s going to receive a reaction. Though it’s not quite any other NBA players making statements so far, some pretty large figures have already come forward in support of Jason Collins’ decision to come forward and declare his homosexuality to the public. These figures are former US President Bill Clinton and current NBA commissioner David Stern. See their words in the video. Read More

The Ties Between Twitter and Terrorism [VIDEO]

When we think of Twitter we think of how far technology has come that we at anytime can access up to the minute updates of information we have interest in. Whether it’s what our friends are doing, what our favorite celebrities are promoting, or news from around the world. For the most part we see it as a positive and a helpful tool. But it seems on the darkside of things, Twitter might be helping the communication, promotion and spread of terrorism. CNN reports in this clip. Read More

NBA Player Jason Collins Comes Forward as First Gay Professional Athlete

Over the last few months there have been conversations about professional athletes being gay and if it would be accepted in the sports world for one to come forward and admit being gay. Many organizations and players have come forward to support gay rights and LGBT support organizations, causing speculation that an athlete would finally come out. Many predicted it would happen sooner than later, and it looks like experts in sports journalism were correct. Southern California raised Jason Collins of the NBA has come forward which should allow those discussions of acceptance by athletes to take center stage. Jason Collins comes forward in the new issue of Sports Illustrated, you can read some of his story after the jump. Read More