10 Essential Chinese New Year Dishes via LA Weekly

We’ve run a number of stories surrounding the Chinese New Year, from fashion, festivals and more. With the celebration starting on the 10th and lasting 15 days, we felt this was a good article to share with you. There are definite entrees that are eaten for Chinese New Year and they all have stories behind why they are traditionally used. Hit the jump to get a more detailed insight.

Deciphering the meanings of the items around the Chinese New Year table is a lot like a treasure hunt. Each individual dish is steeped in tradition and is a homonym for a particular wish in the upcoming year.

This year, the Spring Festival falls on Sunday, Feb. 10. For 15 days, Chinese families around the globe are returning to their homes for half a month of feasting, money-stuffed red envelopes and much-needed bonding. In China especially, where a migrant working culture is prevalent, the holiday is often the only time of year when people get to see their relatives.

Food is the cornerstone of the celebrations. So in the spirit of the festivities, we’ve rounded up 10 essential New Year dishes, and included the significance behind them all. All of these dishes can be found in Chinese restaurants, but we wouldn’t advise making the trek to the San Gabriel Valley over the weekend — most of these places will be closed for the holiday.

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