Sesame Street’s “Maria” Retires

Since 1971, Sonia “Maria” Manzano has been a staple human character on the U.S. children’s TV show ‘Sesame Street.’ At age 65, Sonia has decided that it was time to retire after more than 40 years on the show. In addition to Sonia playing the character of Maria, she was also a writer on the show, with 15 Emmy Awards under her belt for her talents.

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The NBA Takes Top Honors in Diversity Among Professional Sports Again

Shout out to the NBA for scoring the highest in diversity among major professional sports leagues for the second year in a row. Not to rest on their laurels, the NBA is ramping up its diversity initiatives, hiring Oris Stuart as its chief diversity and inclusion officer last month. And no, we haven’t forgotten about Donald Sterling. Click here to read more.

Kendrick Lamar Releases Powerful New Music Video

Kendrick Lamar has been a rising star in hip-hop since Section.80 was released in 2011. King Kendrick only took off from there with his brilliant fist album good kid mA.A.d city which touched upon many issues that plague poor and rough neighborhoods such as his hometown Compton, California. His most recent album, To Pimp A Butterfly expands upon some of those tribulations with a song entitled “Alright” being one of them. Watch the powerful music video below to see Kendrick reinforce the strong message of the song and continue to be a source of strength for those that look up to him.

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Watch This Amazing Slam Poetry Performance

Two students at Eastern Michigan University delivered a breathtaking performance at the 2015 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational. Darius Simpson and Scout Bostley’s “Lost Voices” is something you definitely have to watch. There is so much to unpack here, and we may have a detailed breakdown later, but in the meantime just watch the video and enjoy.

Diversity Training Now Mandatory for Microsoft Employees

During the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing event last October, Microsoft CEO Sataya Nadella was asked to give advice to women who are nervous about asking for a raise on how they should ask for one. Nadella told women to hope good karma will reward them. His response was not well-received by many which led to multiple apologies from him. However, Microsoft is using this embarrassing situation as motivation to implement new changes in how they approach diversity in the workplace. Click here to read more.

Cashmere Agency Featured In Adweek

How exciting is this! Cashmere Agency was just featured in Adweek for being an exceptional lifestyle marketing agency that is being recognized for understanding today’s youth from a multicultural perspective.

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Watch Jon Stewart Talk About Charleston

Dylann Roof has been charged with 9 counts of murder following the hate crime he committed at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. While we won’t delve too deep into the specifics on the situation, Jon Stewart spoke brilliantly on the horrible tragedy. Watch the video below and our heart go out to all of those affected in Charleston.

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