Cliff Huxtable No More

With news today that NBC and Netflix have dropped Bill Cosby from their scheduled programming amid the most recent rape allegations, what are we to think of Cliff Huxtable? He was the man who permeated racial boundaries and found his way into America’s hearts as a real father figure. Bill Cosby didn’t just raise the Huxtable’s, he helped raise an entire generation of kids. The Cosby Show debunked tons of widely believed stereotypes about how minority families behave that were horribly wrong, while becoming one of America’s most beloved father figures. Cosby helped transform the Huxtable’s from a black family into an American family that people of all races and colors could aspire to be. Separating Cosby from Huxtable has always been difficult as the two will forever be intertwined, but this Bill Cosby is not the Cliff Huxtable that I know.  Click here to read more.

Does Racial Diversity on Wall Street Make a Difference?

A small group of people led by Sheen Levine of Columbia University conducted an experiment to see if racial diversity in investment groups make a difference in how stock market investments fair. Not sure how scientific or accurate this experiment was but the results are quite interesting. Click here to read more.

KKK Threatens Ferguson Protestors

Looks like KKK still can be in the news the only way they know how: by threatening African Americans with violence. In this case the Ferguson protestors. Local Missouri Klan group released fliers saying that they will protect themselves against the protestors using leathal force if necessary. In response to this, hacker collective Anonymous released a video declaring cyberwarfare on the Klan. So far Anonymous has seized the Klan’s twitter account and has identified 28 alleged klan members and started posting their facebook profiles along with hashtags #OpKKK and #HoodsOff.

Watch it here.

Racial Diversity in the Armed Forces

As we celebrate, thank and remember all the men and women who served in the armed forces today, it is important for us to recognize the increase of racial diversity of those who protect and fight for our country.  Latinos make up about 6 percent of U.S. military veterans, according to a September 2014 report by the National Center for Veterans Analysis and Statistics. Although this number may seem low, it is rapidly changing and the population of Hispanic veterans is expected to double in the next ten years, according to Barbara Ward, Director of the Department of Veterans Affairs Center for Minority Veterans. Click here to read more.

Is The New Nicki Minaj Lyric Video Criticism Fair?

Nicki Minaj’s lyric video for Only has come under criticism for showing Nazi propaganda imagery. Even the Anti-Defamation League drector spoke out against the timing of the release as well. Which coincided with Kristallnacht “the night of broken glass”, the night of pogroms that started the Germany’s policy of Final Solution.

Is this a simple case of unawareness or a publicity stunt? 

Watch the video here.

CharLA: Growing Community Through Food Justice & Artivism on Sunday, November 9th

CharLA 110914Join the fam @artivistent for the next ‪#‎CharLA event ‪#‎Sunday, 11/9 at 5pm at ‪#‎CommunityCoalition , ‪#‎Growing ‪#‎Community Through‪#‎FoodJustice & ‪#‎Artivism;” ‪#‎Moderated by Aloe Blacc and featuring the most ‪#‎fantastic group of Panelists: ‪#‎GuerillaGardener / Food Justice Activist / Artist/ TEDTalk Speaker ‪#‎RonFinley , Affordable Housing Developer/ Food Justice & Peace Activist ‪#‎ChannaGrace  & gifted ‪#‎MasterGardener/ Teacher/ Painter ‪#‎JoseRamirez Join the ‪#‎discussion, share your ‪#‎POV, ask questions! $5 suggested donation. Family friendly. ‪#‎Food (cash) and free ‪#‎nonGMO‪ #‎seedlings (’til they last)! Arrive early to secure your seat. Please share the fruits of our labor and tell a friend! Repost, retweet and spread the love!



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Minimum Wage Defies Party Affiliation

Tuesday was a big day for Republicans as they swept the mid-term elections to take control of both the House and the Senate. While this may not be much of a surprise considering most nationwide polls forecasted the lopsided victory, the true story of the night revolved around the numerous victories for minimum wage increases that occurred in the same local elections where anti-minimum wage Republicans also won.

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Emojis Finally Gets Some Color

The Unicode Consortium, the group that governs the emoji standard, came to their senses and addressed emoji diversity. Click here to read more.