Brandeis University Students Demand Diversity

Since last Friday, Brandeis University’s Bernstein-Marcus Administrative Center has been occupied by student protesters demanding greater diversity on campus. They say that the interim president Lisa Lynch failed to address their concerns about racial equality outlined in a letter sent to her last Thursday. Their demands involve increasing racial awareness and inclusion through a 10 percent increase in the number of full-time black faculty in all departments and curriculum by next fall’s academic semester, as well as increase in black students and staff.
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Master Of None Is Way More Than Just A Show

You have probably seen the Tweets, Facebook posts, and articles raving about Netflix’s original series Master Of None starring Aziz Ansari. Metacritic gave it a 91/100 and IMDB gave it a 8.7/10 so it’s definitely worth your time based on that alone. But what’s really grabbing our attention isn’t the jokes (although they are hilarious) but the social commentary and what it means to be an immigrant or child of an immigrant in this country.

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Hate Crime at Harvard Law

The hallways of Harvard Law School are lined with portraits of every tenured professor in the history of the university.

These portraits that normally provide such pride and hope for young African-American students, have been hatefully defaced by a single strip of black tape crossing out the face of each African-American professor shown on the walls.

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Meet The Woman Responsible For Diversity On ABC

Network television hasn’t always been proactive about diversity in casting but when you look at ABC’s line up within the past few years, you’ll notice shows such as How To Get Away With Murder, Scandal and Quantico where women of color are playing lead roles. Well you can thank Keli Lee, EVP of Talent and Casting for ABC, for that. Click here for her one on one Forbes article.

Clinton Campaign Taps Burrell Communications

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has hired Burrell Communications, one of the first African American advertising and media firms founded in 1971, to help garner the African American vote by focusing on their concerns and issues. Burrell is owned by McGhee Williams Osse and Faye Ferguson who are both advertising and marketing veterans.
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Paris Reeling From Terrorist Attacks

Friday night, in the center of Paris, hundreds of people were gunned down as they enjoyed the warm November weather, ate dinner or took in a show. At this point, 129 have died. In a statement claiming responsibility for the attack, Islamic State promised more horror to come and called France a “capital of prostitution and obscenity.”
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Aziz Ansari Drops by to Diversify “The Late Show”

Tuesday night, Aziz Ansari stopped by The Late Show with his father to discuss his new series Masters of None. With the two on the show that evening Aziz proclaimed that they had made history on CBS by having more Indian people than whites on screen during their appearance.

“This is like an all-time high for CBS.”

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Twitter To Make Changes At The Top To Promote Diversity

We posted an article last week about the lack of diversity in upper management at Twitter and how it affects the company by way of its staffing and ultimately the slow growth in users. Seems like Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, heard that criticism loud and clear and will most likely make changes to its board members as soon as their current terms are up. Click here to read more.