Diversity In Hollywood

Recently ACLU submitted an open letter asking local and federal authorities to look into gender discrimination in Hollywood’s hiring practices.  Director Angela Robinson talks about her experiences in Hollywood as an African American woman. The part where she mentions how she would go years without seeing a fellow African American fillmmaker is especially telling. The gender disparity among minorities is shocking.


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California Is The Most Diverse State

We all know that California is home to some of the most diverse cities in the United States. WalletHub decided to look at the most diverse cities and more criteria like economy, education, and income levels as well. New York and Dallas finished 19th and 16th respectively.

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Tech Firms Are Bad At Promoting Asian Workers

A new study shows that Silicon Valley companies — Google Inc., Yahoo Inc. Intel Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co. and LinkedIn Corp are really bad at promoting Asian workers into executive positions within the company. This is on top of the already existing lack of gender diversity in tech industry. And of course this is especially unfavorable for Asian women in these companies. There is only one Asian female executive for every 287 Asian women professional jobs at the five companies.

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Ava DuVernay Possible Director For Marvel Movie

Ava DuVernay splashed onto the scene with her brilliant film, Selma, this past year. So it should be no surprise that a company like Marvel is looking to bring her on to direct one of their movies in the future. Except that this is the type of thing that we, and some others have been calling for.

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Google’s Program To Increase Diversity

Google is brilliant about empowering their employees to work on promising side projects. Believe it or not, Gmail started out as a side project. Now they’ve started a program called Diversity Core which is aimed at bringing balance to its workforce. About 500 employees in 53 of their offices around the world have taken part in this program. Click here to read more.

Diversity In Tech

Tech companies more often than not strive to be more diverse. But problem seems to be the inability to achieve that goal rather than the lack of desire. Tech companies are short on qualified workers. But what will it take to bridge this gap and achieve actual diversity instead of just appearing to be for it?

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South Korean Tech Companies Finding a Warm Home in Southern California

We can’t help but notice how tides are changing and how popular tech companies and brands are migrating to sunny Southern California to house their businesses. According to an interesting LA Times article that came out on Sunday, this trend has been reoccurring with Asian businesses, specifically those from South Korea.

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Google Making A Commitment To Diversity

The lack of diversity in the tech and start-up world has been a topic of conversation in the past here on MMXLII. As the industry as a whole needs to do a better job of including minorities and women, it appears that a titan in the industry is ready to head up that initiative.

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Cashmere Agency Hosts Fast Company’s Creativity Counter-Conference

Fast Company held their first-ever gathering in Los Angeles to cast a lens on the impact and importance of creativity in business, technology, design and entertainment. Cashmere Agency was one of the host locations in the Playa Vista neighborhood and held a discussion panel on the importance of embracing diversity when marketing to the Millennial demographic. On the panel were Ryan Ford, EVP & CCO; Ted Chung, Founder of Cashmere Agency; Nick Adler, VP of Business Development and Rona Mercado, VP of Marketing, Client Services. Click here for more info on #FCLA.