Multiculturals Are The New Mainstream In Music Consumption

“Modern music is being shaped by confident multicultural consumers,” says Mónica Gil, Nielsen’s senior vice president/multicultural growth and strategy. “These are trailblazers and they know it. As the country faces a demographic shift, this population is poised to influence the growth of music companies.” Click here to read more.

Silicon Valley’s Underclass

As the Bay Area’s Silicon Valley churns out some of the world’s most profitable companies more and more studies are looking into who is getting left behind. It should come as no surprise that it is African-Americans and Latinos who are failing to get a proportionate piece of the pie. USA Today recently took a look at this phenomenon sparked by a recently released report by Working Partnerships USA.

The media outlet’s look at the report found that the hiring practices of many powerful companies like Apple, Google and Facebook are “creating a mostly black and Hispanic underclass of service workers who are paid low wages…”

The article goes on to note that while Blacks and Hispanics make up nearly a third of the work force, they occupy only a small number in the companies’ professional ranks. To further the issue, while many of these big tech companies are known for showering their employees with lavish perks and benefits, the report found that a good portion of the industry’s service workers are not actual employees. Instead they are contracted out.

They mop floors and empty trash cans. They cook gourmet lunches. They guard suburban office parks. They ferry technology workers to and from their jobs in luxury shuttle buses.

But they are not on the payroll at Apple, Facebook or Google. Service workers are employed by contract companies and don’t receive the pay and perks that technology companies shower on employees.

Unfortunately, to us, it doesn’t seem that these numbers are all that different from other industries that do not offer fair wages to many that are responsible for helping the company progress. While the tech world may be the newest to this game, they certainly aren’t the first. Let’s hope that this new look at this relatively new industry will help bring about some real change.

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Need more proof that the mistreatment of the overwhelmingly African American population by the militarized police force and the tone-deaf response by the local officials is exposing the depth of racial tensions in Missouri? Here are some revealing numbers.

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The Opposite of Road Rage – How Japanese Drivers Say Thank You

Communication with your fellow drivers can be a tricky thing. Giving someone a thumbs up in one country might mean “thank you, everything is cool” while in a another country this gesture might mean “stick it up your…” Well you get the idea.  The point being, it’s important to understand the nuances of non-verbal communication. So we thought it was interesting to take note of this unique way that Japanese drivers say “thank you” to one another.
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Night Market Culture Continues to Thrive

The 626 Night Market was born out of the desire to have something in Southern California that is similar to the night markets of Taiwan.  It started off in Pasadena a few years back to what amounted to be a block party to last weekend where they had 40,000 people converging into Santa Anita Park to enjoy the food and festivities.  Organizers have expanded the footprint to cover Orange County and downtown LA.  If you haven’t had the chance to go yet, there is one more schedule for the weekend of September 12-14.

Minorities X Outdoor Activities – The Numbers Are In

It probably comes as no surprise that white people in American spend a lot more time enjoying outdoor activities that their minority counterparts. But with the number of minorities in our country continuing to skyrocket, many brands and organizations are beginning to take a closer look at the numbers and the reasons behind them – namely the National Park Service.

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Gaza Tweets Ferguson

With no signs of protests slowing down in support of slain black teenager Mike Brown, supporters on Twitter have ensured that the #MikeBrown hashtag has continued to trend for several days. One of the results of this increased awareness is an outpouring of support from around the globe, including Palestine.

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Apple Reveals Diversity Report

The report breaks down Apple’s 98,000 employees based on ethnicity and gender globally.  In the U.S., 55% of Apple employees are white, 15% are Asian, 11% are Hispanic, 7% are black and 9% declined to declare an ethnicity.  Click HERE to read more.