A Weekend Without Women

The idea that women are now the majority in obtaining college degrees in the U.S. is inspiring, yet deceptive at the same time. For as research shows, approximately only five percent of these degrees obtain CEO positions.

March 8th marked International Women’s Day and it served as perhaps the ideal moment to shine light to the No Ceilings initiative, sparked by Hillary and Chelsea Clinton. The initiatives’ primary focus is that gender equality is not yet where it is suppose to be. Improvement continues to be vital. In these efforts, the Clinton Foundation launched a creative campaign that included partnership with iconic brands from Kate Spade to Beats by Dre. The Campaign known as, “we’re NOT THERE yet” created awareness by promoting the removal of female figures in notable advertisements such as billboards, websites and magazines. The hashtag #NoCeilings also circulated multiple social networks. In addition, various influential figures and celebrities have taken to advertise the campaign themselves through own personal social platforms like Twitter.

We’re NOT THERE yet, is not a campaign intended to merely celebrate a day globally noted for women, but intended to create awareness and participation in the efforts of gender equality.

Is Japan Ready For Multiculturalism?

The newest Miss Universe – Japan is already having to defend her crown but not in ways you may think. Ariana Miyamoto was born and raised in Nagasaki, a Japanese citizen and speaks the language fluently. So what’s the issue? Her father is African American. Critics are questioning whether a “Hafu” (biracial, i.e., ethnically half Japanese) should be allowed to represent Japan. What are your thoughts? Click here to read more.

Is Empire Finale Controversy Fair?

There was some controversy over the season finale of Empire as people took to social networks following the season finale. (We won’t divulge any spoilers here.) Most notable exchange took place on CNN where Dr. Boyce D. Watkins told host Don Lemon “Black actors and actresses are tired of being put in the entertainment ghetto.” Two other guests well as Don Lemon were surprised and somewhat confused by this statement. This speaks to the lack of diversity in the media in general, where one show, willingly or not, ends up representing an entire segment of population. Watch it here.

Starbucks Wants to Start a Conversation About Race

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is not one to abstain from talking about controversial topics. In the past, Schultz has taken a political stance on issues ranging from same-sex marriage and gun control to the 2013 government shutdown. This week, Schultz seeks to start a conversation about race in America. Starbucks baristas are encouraged to write “Race Together” on cups to promote a discussion about race relations with customers. Schultz acknowledges that this campaign is not in any way a solution to race inequality; rather, it is an opportunity to re-examine how we can create a more accepting society.

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Is NCAA Still An Amateur Sports Organization?

Each year March Madness comes roaring in into our living rooms. And each year we hear about the horrifying exploitation of basketball players who NCAA religiously calls “student athletes”, but who spend huge chunk of their time playing basketball.  And just like the concussion in the NFL we forget about these stories as soon as the game starts. At the very least the spectators can ask themselves how much it matters to them whether or not the college students who happened to be playing a nationally televised sport are paid something. Is it going to ruin the enjoyment of the game? Anyone on the fence should check out this clip of Last Night Tonight with John Oliver. Watch it here.

Searching For A New Type Of Hero

As we wrote about last week, TMZ recently inquired if Michelle Rodriguez would be interested in playing the Green Lantern in DC’s upcoming reboot, her response was, “Stop stealing all the white people’s superheroes. Make up your own.”  Realizing that her statement could be found quite controversial, Rodriguez took to Facebook to clarify that her response meant by no means that she is against racial diversity in Hollywood.  Rather, she found the idea of minorities creating their own superheroes as a meaningful alternative.

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NYC Public School System Still Facing Racial Diversity Challenges

A recent study on the racial makeup of students who were accepted into New York City’s elite specialized high schools showed that 5% of students offered seats for next fall are black, 7% Hispanic, 28% white and 52% Asian. New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña says she will continue to review ideas on how to increase diversity at this level of education but also admits, “at the end of the day, however, the best way to increase diversity at these schools is to ensure that every student goes to a great elementary and middle school.” Is this enough? Click here to read more.

University Of Oklahoma Fraternity Closed Over Racist Chant

It all started with the publication of the video that shows Sigma Alpha Epsilon members on the bus, chanting “There will never be a n—– SAE/There will never be a n—– SAE/You can hang ‘em from a tree, but it will never start with me/There will never be a n—– SAE.”  Sigma Alpha Epsilon national headquarters shut down the OU chapter of the fraternity. OU itself is conducting an investigation.

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NBA and WBNA #LeanInTogether to Fight Against Gender Inequality

The WNBA and NBA partner with LeanIn.Org to launch a new campaign called #LeanInTogether. The new initiative promotes gender equality by encouraging men to help fight against inequality towards women in the work place and at home.  The campaign is supported by prominent athletes such as Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Stephen Curry, Skylar Diggins and Elena Delle Donne.  Check out the PSA and more information here.