Pittsburgh Pirates Star Opens Up On Diversity In Baseball

Andrew McCutchen is a MVP, multiple time All-Star, Gold Glove Winner, and maybe most important of all – ambassador. You see, the man who has earned the nickname “Clutch” over the years and cemented himself as one of the brightest stars in baseball isn’t just recognizable for his dreadlocks or big smile, he is also one of the few black players in the major leagues. Last year in the MLB, black players only represented 8.3% of players on opening day rosters according to this New York Times article. 

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Oscars 2015: Thanks For Trying

Sunday’s Academy Awards show enlisted the most diverse group of performers and presenters in Oscars history, as 15 minority presenters, including Eddie Murphy, Jennifer Lopez, Viola Davis, Idris Elba, Kevin Hart and Oprah Winfrey, took the stage to deliver the evening’s awards. However, the absence of any minority group nominees in the acting categories, for only the second time since 1998, shows that the film industry is not reflective of American society. Click here to read more.

Rudy Giuliani Tries To Stay Relevant By Calling The President Unamerican

Using codewords and dogwhistle terms to describe President Obama as foreign, unamerican or unpatriotic has been commonplace ever since he entered the presidential race in 2008. This time it’s Rudy Giuliani who takes andvantage of the undercurrent of racial animosity on the far right. During a fundraiser for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Giuliani said “..I know it’s horrible to say. But I do not believe that the president loves america… ” Very few prominent conservatives condemned Giuliani’s remarks, who doubled down on his statements during his appearance on Fox. And the media raced to give him what he wanted: wall to wall coverage.

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‘Awkward Black Girl’ Creator Discusses Racial Diversity in Television

Recently, we have seen a resurgence of ethnic representation on network TV shows across major stations. Shows such as Scandal, Empire, Jane the Virgin, and Fresh Off the Boat have gained major success this past year. “Awkward Black Girl” creator Issa Rae raises the question if the increase of people of color on television is driven by the industry taking notice of the lack of racial diversity or is it driven by money? Read more here.

The Grammy Conundrum

As hip-hop culture grows more diverse in voice and representation, the Grammys seem slow to catch up. The genre easily boasts several vibrant subgenres and possible spinoff styles of music. They might even deserve categories of their own. But during the industry’s most recognizable awards show, all artists who rap are lumped into the same lane. In this day and age, that’s akin to lumping all singers into the same genre just because they sing. Alas, it seems that hip-hop still may have miles to go before being fully recognized as more than just “rap music” in the eyes of those handing out the coveted golden gramophone. But who’s really responsible for this? Read More →

Racial Diversity in Pop Music

According to data compile by Vocativ.com, Pop music is whiter than it’s been in more than three decades. Only four of the Best New Artists Grammy winners over the past 15 years have not been white. Click here to read more.

Do We Need Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue?

Each year SI Swimsuit Issue provides countless hours of content for cable networks. And middle aged anchors delight in covering this seemingly outdated phenomenon with creepy inuendos and adolescent humor. Not to mention the unhealthy body image that this publication along with many many others perpetuate. So, does it need to exist in this day and age? John Oliver puts it all into hilarious perspective in this Last Week Tonight clip.

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Robbie Rogers Says FIFA Fails To Support Gays

Robbie Rogers is the first, and only openly gay athlete in Major League Soccer. After coming out as gay in an open letter in February 2013, he immediately retired fearing that it would be too difficult to be in a locker room everyday and that he needed time to work on himself after living a lie for so many years. Well just four months later he was back playing in Los Angeles for the league’s best team. He recently wrote a piece in the USA Today about how soccer’s international governing body, FIFA, doesn’t support gays.

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Looks Like We are Getting Racially Diverse Emoji’s

As it currently stands, all emoji’s are the same yellow color. Although there are a few slightly different ones such as the an with the mustache, the headdress, and Gua Pi Mao that are all clearly supposed to be represent Hispanic, Middle Eastern, and Asian respectively, there is still a real lack of color among them. Well it looks like that is about to change.

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How Big Tech Firms Addressing Diversity

It’s no secret that the tech industry has a long way to go in leveling the playing field when it comes to diversity and equality in its workforce. However, some have made real strides in resolving the issue. Click here to read how Microsoft, Facebook and Intel are addressing it.